Saturday, May 28, 2016

'Smart' Walking Sticks for the Next Time You Go Hiking

Hiking in South Carolina? When you visit Summerton and the surrounding SanteeCooper Country, you will find many trails to hike throughout the various federal and state parks, swamps, and wildlife refuge areas around Lakes Marion and Moultrie. This area is attracting hikers from across the U.S. in ever greater numbers.

Hiking is the preferred term for taking long, vigorous walks on footpaths or trails through the countryside. Thomas West, an English clergyman, popularized the idea of walking for pleasure in his 1778 guide to the Lake District in the United Kingdom (UK).

'Smart' Walking Sticks

The following are a series of selected articles about 'smart' walking sticks – also known as hiking sticks or trekking sticks. As you read these articles, think about Gandolf and his giant magical walking stick in the 'Lord of the Rings'.
  • Fujitsu makes 'smart walking stick' to help elderly - The Next Generation Cane by Fujitsu is designed to help elderly people find their way, as well as monitor heart rate and temperature.

  • SmartCane: A Smart Walking Stick That Uses Sonar To Guide the Blind - It contains sensors and uses ultrasound waves to detect obstacles that are up to 10 feet away. When detected, the sensors send different sets of vibrations through the cane to tell the user whether they should turn left or right to avoid the obstacle.

  • Smart Walking Stick from National Innovation Foundation-India - To help the elderly and the visually challenged, a 'smart' walking stick has been developed that has features that include counting of steps, medicine reminder, locator, emergency alarm, fall detector, and an automatic torch light.
  • Multifunctional survival hiking poles keep you alive in the wild - Multifunctional hiking poles on show this year. One includes an interchangeable multi-tool system that transforms it into a spear, brush axe and more, while the other has a built-in flashlight and a stun gun. Another pole has a two-bolt interchangeable head system that allows the user to quickly change out the basic compass top with a series of five different tools and weapons.
  • New Smart Selfie Hiking Sticks - The latest 'selfie' hiking stick lets you attach a phone holder so you can take using the wireless Bluetooth feature built into the handle of the stick. It also has other extras like an alarm and portable light.

  • SMARTY POLE: Smart trekking pole on Behance - It includes a button connected with an air cylinder that can control the height of the pole while walking. It also includes Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, Google Maps, Weather, Texting and several other features.

Some of the many other features every hiker geek might want included in their 'smart' walking sticks are a built-in umbrella, fold-out seat, fishing pole, pop-up mini tent, pistol, … not to mention putting on their new 'smart' hiking shoes, 'smart' hiking clothes, and a 'smart' hiking hat.

Hiking the Santee Cooper Lake Country with Your 'Smart' Walking Stick

So, grab hold of your 'smart' walking stick as you check out the following hiking trails around Summerton and Santee Cooper Country in South Carolina:

Santee National Wildlife Refuge Map of Hiking Trails

Selected Resources

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