Sunday, July 9, 2017

Selecting a ‘Smart’ Hat to Match Your Other Wearable Accessories

Have you heard about ‘Smart’ Hats? They are one of the latest trends in wearable technologies.

Those of you who have read my previous posts on ‘Smart’ Fishing Rods, ‘Smart’ Kayaks, ‘Smart’ Guns, and ‘Smart’ Hiking Sticks - you know I really don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m just not a big outdoors-man and don’t really like to fish, hunt, hike, or paddle around in a kayak. I much prefer to stay at home and read about these topics or watch YouTube videos about them. However, I do know how to put on a hat.

Nowadays, whenever I go out to play tennis, ride around in my boat, or watch a ballgame, I tend to put on a hat – usually one of my favorite ball caps. I wear one not only because my doctor says to, but I also want to hide the growing bald spot on the back of my head. Now I have many other reasons to wear a hat - we now have ‘smart’ hats.

Definitions – Hats vs. ‘Smart’ Hats
  • Hat - A head covering which is worn for various reasons, including protection against weather conditions, ceremonial reasons, religious reasons, safety, fashion or…
  • Smart’ Hat - A head covering with built-in technologies such as biometric sensors, fitness tracking software, bluetooth communications… and more.

Examples of ‘Smart’ Hats

The following are excerpts from some recent published articles about ‘smart’ hats - whether they be ‘smart’ ball caps, ‘smart’ hard hats, wearable fitness tracking caps, or …

  • LifeBEAM offers a wearable ‘smart’ hat containing a fitness tracker measures your heart rate, cadence and calorie consumption, then transmits your performance to your smartphone, smart watch, or home computer.
  • Spree Smartcap uses biometrics with medical grade technology to measure heart rate, movement and body temperature. It syncs with your smartphone to track your workouts, showing the progress toward your fitness goals in real-time.
  • Smart-hat A startup company developing a ‘smart’ cycling helmet that includes a variety of road safety features including: indicators, brake lights, headlight, camera, drop down visor and wiper system!
  • Daqri They have developing an Android version of the ‘smart’ hard hat that is packed with sensors, a camera, and heads-up visor display.
  • SmartCap They have produced a ‘smart’ cap for vehicle drivers or operators of heavy vehicles that provides real-time measurements of fatigue, based on direct physiological measurement rather than estimation via measures of related symptoms.

Other ‘smart’ hat products you might want to look at include Forestfish Bluetooth Baseball Cap and the Zero Wearables who are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for development of their smart baseball cap.

The 1st generation of ‘smart’ hats are now here – but imagine what technologies and capabilities the next generation of ‘smart’ hats will include. For example – think augmented reality software, artificial intelligence (AI), interconnected wearable ‘smart’ clothing, interface to your self-driving vehicles, drones… and to your ‘Smart’ Fishing Rods, ‘Smart’ Kayaks, ‘Smart’ Guns, ‘Smart’ Hiking Sticks ... Will the wonders never cease.

As I said before, whenever I go outside nowadays to play tennis, ride around in my boat, or watch a ballgame, I now tend to grab my ‘smart’ hat – in addition to my ‘smart’ glasses, Fitbit wristband, smartphone, and ...

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

News and Blogs about the Creative Arts

Interested in knowing more about the Arts? The following are selected links to selected news and blogs focused on innovation and the Creative Arts that are posted on the web site of the Lake Marion Artisans in Summerton, SC.  Check out the following:

Creative Arts News Sites

  • Art in America - An online magazine providing news and information on Art in America.
  • The Art Newspaper - Reporting on old art, new art, decorative art, the commercial and the non-commercial world or art.
  • SC Arts Alliance - State and national news about creative arts activities.
  • SC Arts Hub - Information and news about the arts in South Carolina.
  • Smithsonian Magazine - Latest articles on Art & Culture.

Creative Arts Blogging Sites
  • ArtistsNetwork - Top art blogs from the ArtistsNetwork, connecting artists with new ideas, inspiration, instruction, technology, and other resources.
  • The Southern - Art Blog - A blog on recent works and activities of artists in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Computer Arts Blog - Providing creative opinions and guidance about web design, graphic design, 3D art, and more.
  • Creator's Project - Blogs for artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries of creative expression.
  • Design Observer Blog - Blogs on creative art & design and our changing culture.
  • TED Blogs - Ideas worth spreading by artists that are posted on the Technology, Entertainment  & Design (TED) blogging site.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Organizations Must Go Online to Compete and Survive in 21st Century

By now it should be very apparent to every business and organization in Summerton that they need to get online to survive and thrive in the 21st Century ‘Information Age’. That means putting up a web site and a social media page, e.g. Facebook, Twitter. That way, when people search for the nearest pharmacy, hardware store, restaurant… in Summerton, our local businesses will pop up. They won’t be directed to Santee, Sumter, or elsewhere.

Fortunately, over the past few years, a growing number of local businesses and organizations have taken the first steps to go online. For example, check out the home page of the online Summerton Weekly News. You will find links to many of these organizations there. Some of the more recent new sites include the Town of Summerton, the Lake Marion Artisans, Historic Summerton, and much more.

You no longer need to hire a company to help you get your business online. There are now easy to use software tools that you can use to build a web site from various organizations like Go Daddy and Google Sites. Facebook and Twitter both allow you to set up social media sites using their free, built in tools. It’s no harder to set up a web site than it is to use Microsoft Office. It’s time to get started NOW.

Need help, ask those around town that have already put up a web site or social media page. There’s a growing community of individuals and organizations in Summerton that have already moved forward.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

New Summerton SC 'Green' Technologies & Solutions web site

Check out the new Summerton SC: 'Green' Technologies & Solutions web site. 

The goal of this web site is to help provide information to citizens and the business community in Summerton and the surrounding Santee Cooper Lake Country in South Carolina on 'green' technologies & environmental solutions that can  improve our quality of life, reduce energy costs, protect our environment, and help our country become less dependent on costly foreign energy suppliers.  By collaborating on the identification, acquisition, development and deployment of innovative ‘green’ solutions and sharing resulting knowledge, software, and technologies with the larger community—we will all reap the benefits. Also, send us your feedback and suggestions for links to add to the site.

Lake Marion Artisans Help Sponsor Upcoming Summerton SC 'Health Fair'

LakeMarion Artisans will help sponsor the Summerton Health Fair, to be held at Clarendon District 1 Resource Center Gymnasium on July 29, 10AM to 2PM. All residents of Summerton and the surrounding area are invited to attend. Hope Health (formerly Black River Health) will be doing free screenings for diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and BMI. Other organizations who will attend and give free information on health and well-being include American Red Cross, DHEC, Rape Crisis Center, Alzheimers Association, Agape Hospice, Wateree Community Action, Clarendon Women’s Shelter, Southern Lakes Physical Therapy, Dept of Social Services, McLeod Clarendon Hospital, DHHS, and more!

Sponsors besides the Gallery include the Resource Center, Hope Health and Bank of Clarendon. Hope Health is only charging us $5 per test, but we feel that even that small amount might preclude testing for folks on a fixed income. So, the Lake Marion Artisans Gallery 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is soliciting donations for the cholesterol testing.

Also, remember TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS may be made to Lake Marion Artisans Gallery, PO Box 541, Summerton, SC 29148 or given to a member at the Gallery at 108 Main Street, Thursday-Saturday 11AM-3PM.

Congratulations to Lake Marion Artisans Carol Swartz and Judy Latham!

Congratulations to local Artists Carol Swartz and Judy Latham!
The Sumter County Gallery of Art is hosting its annual Sumter Artists Guild show from now until August 22.  The Guild has a membership of over 100 local artists. The show represents several pieces from a variety of artists which span many different styles and media.  Carole Swartz and Judy Latham from Lake Marion Artisans Gallery are Sumter Guild members and have work on display. Judith was awarded second place in the Sumter Guild Show for her "Raku masks on the Expressions of War Series". The Gallery is located at 200 Hasel Street We think you will agree that we have some very talented folks at Lake Marion Artisans Gallery which is located in historic downtown Summerton, SC.


New Doings at the Lake Marion Artisans Gallery in Summerton, SC

Free Wifi
We are pleased to announce that the Lake Marion Artisans Gallery in downtown Summerton now offers free WiFi service. A wonderful donor saw that we are doing positive things for the community and would benefit from being able to provide wifi for both our members and visitors. Also remember to visit the Lake Marion Artisans web site when you go online. They also have a Facebook page, Twitter site, and YouTube video channel now.

Lending Library
Summerton does not have a library so the Artisans Gallery decided to help fill the void. Thanks to our members and friends of the Gallery who have given us books, we now have a lot of fiction, non fiction and cook books to lend. In fact, we could REALLY use another bookcase if you have one to donate. Children’s books would be greatly appreciated. Also, remember all donations to the Gallery are tax deductible.

Nature and Wildlife Galore around Santee Cooper Country by Lake Marion, SC

Birders and other Wildlife Enthusiasts! Visiting South Carolina soon? Check out the diverse wildlife in federal, state, and local parks around around Lake Marion, Santee, and Summerton S.C.

Wildlife traditionally refers not only to non-domesticated animal species, but also generally includes all plants, fungi and other organisms which grow or live wild in an area not inhabited by humans.

Wildlife can be found in many diverse ecosystems such as deserts, forests, rain forests, plains, swamps, grasslands, and other areas. Each may have very distinctly different forms of wildlife.
Other Selected Information Sources
* For more detail see Summerton SC Nature & Outdoor Recreation web site and related articles posted on the Summerton SC Blogspot.