Saturday, July 8, 2017

News and Blogs about the Creative Arts

Interested in knowing more about the Arts? The following are selected links to selected news and blogs focused on innovation and the Creative Arts that are posted on the web site of the Lake Marion Artisans in Summerton, SC.  Check out the following:

Creative Arts News Sites

  • Art in America - An online magazine providing news and information on Art in America.
  • The Art Newspaper - Reporting on old art, new art, decorative art, the commercial and the non-commercial world or art.
  • SC Arts Alliance - State and national news about creative arts activities.
  • SC Arts Hub - Information and news about the arts in South Carolina.
  • Smithsonian Magazine - Latest articles on Art & Culture.

Creative Arts Blogging Sites
  • ArtistsNetwork - Top art blogs from the ArtistsNetwork, connecting artists with new ideas, inspiration, instruction, technology, and other resources.
  • The Southern - Art Blog - A blog on recent works and activities of artists in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Computer Arts Blog - Providing creative opinions and guidance about web design, graphic design, 3D art, and more.
  • Creator's Project - Blogs for artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries of creative expression.
  • Design Observer Blog - Blogs on creative art & design and our changing culture.
  • TED Blogs - Ideas worth spreading by artists that are posted on the Technology, Entertainment  & Design (TED) blogging site.

* Also, check out the Summerton SC Blog for more articles about the Lake Marion Artisans.

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