Sunday, July 2, 2017

New Doings at the Lake Marion Artisans Gallery in Summerton, SC

Free Wifi
We are pleased to announce that the Lake Marion Artisans Gallery in downtown Summerton now offers free WiFi service. A wonderful donor saw that we are doing positive things for the community and would benefit from being able to provide wifi for both our members and visitors. Also remember to visit the Lake Marion Artisans web site when you go online. They also have a Facebook page, Twitter site, and YouTube video channel now.

Lending Library
Summerton does not have a library so the Artisans Gallery decided to help fill the void. Thanks to our members and friends of the Gallery who have given us books, we now have a lot of fiction, non fiction and cook books to lend. In fact, we could REALLY use another bookcase if you have one to donate. Children’s books would be greatly appreciated. Also, remember all donations to the Gallery are tax deductible.

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