Monday, September 1, 2014

An Introduction to Summerton, S.C.

Summerton is a small town in rural South Carolina that has become known as a wonderful place to vacation, raise a family, run a business - or retire to, when all is said and done. The deep spiritual commitment and sound family values of its people are reflected in the many churches and close-knit residential communities in Summerton and the surrounding area.

While Summerton retains the feel of a small rustic town, it also benefits from the creation of numerous new residential and business communities that are continuing to grow up around beautiful Lake Marion. Summerton is also well known across the South for its offering of a wide range of outdoor recreational activities like camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, boating, and golfing to its many visitors.

Enjoying life is simply easier in Summerton. The residents of Summerton feel a great pride in their small town and would love to have more neighbors with whom to share it. Summerton looks forward to welcoming you as a friend and neighbor.

Summerton---where the fish are jumpin' and livin' is easy.

Take some time to learn more about the town of Summerton and Historic Clarendon County by beautiful Lake Marion in South Carolina.

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