Friday, March 13, 2015

Ridiculous Behaviour and Stories by the News Media

Editorial:  Ever feel like the country's news media is no longer reporting the news. They're more into themselves, into offering their opinions rather than providing facts, and just simply being entertainers - and not very good ones at that. All while ignoring major news stories that are all around us. For example:
  • On the morning news shows, they're more focused on laughing and giggling amongst themselves about inane stuff while ignoring catching us up on the news.
  • Several news media chains are obviously tools of political parties or billionaire owners that lean to the 'right' or the 'left'. Every story is slanted to advance their political or business agenda.
  • Every news story tends to have very few facts, but lots of opinions and commentary that fills up time but adds no real value. The commentators are not as bright as they think they are.
  • News stations get locked on stories like Hillary Clinton's use of a private email service, or secret service agents that got drunk while off duty, or some off the cuff comment by a political figure... and they go on and on for hours and days about this silly stuff.
  • So many stories use the same news clips that are not up to date and really have nothing to do with the news story.
  • Also, everything is breaking news nowadays. Even the silliest stories of little value. Often they are entertainment news items.
  • A lot of breaking news stories get ahead of the facts and immediately jump to conclusions, spin what-if theories, and mislead the public as they try to fill air time.
In the meantime, what is the latest news and facts about the Mexican drug wars, Russian aggression, Christian persecution, Syria, Boko Haram, misconduct by bankers, new and useful technologies, space travel, advances by China, and so much more. Give us a quick, concise factual update every day - like the BBC does for its audience. Let's inform and educate people to what is really going on around the world.

By the way, have you looked at Google News or Yahoo News online and checked what stories they are running about South Carolina? About 80% of the news is about Clemson or Gamecock sports. C'mon, there's lots more going on across the state that ought to be reported.

What do you think? Is the TV news media contributing to the 'dumbing down' of America? Can they do better?

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