Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rivers Near Summerton, S.C., that flow into Lake Marion

The historic town of Summerton, South Carolina, is located next to beautiful Lake Marion. It is the largest lake in South Carolina with over 500 miles of shoreline. Its waters reach into five midland counties. It is often referred to as "South Carolina's inland sea." Together, Lake Marion and nearby Lake Moultrie, are often referred to as the Santee-Cooper Lakes.

The Saluda River, Broad River, Congaree River, Catawba River, and the Wateree River all join to ultimately feed into the headwaters of the Santee River. The Santee River, in turn, flows through Lake Marion and exits through the Santee Dam or through the Diversion Canal to fill nearby Lake Moultrie. Waters from Lake Moultrie then flow down the Cooper River to Charleston Harbor. For more detail, see Santee River & Lake Marion.

Before entering Lake Marion, the Santee River and Santee Swamp receives drainage from Broadwater Creek and from Tavern Creek and Mill Creek. Some of the many other rivers, streams, and creeks that feed into Lake Marion include Squirrel Creek, Warley Creek, Spring Grove Creek , Pine Tree Creek, Ballard Creek, Half Way Creek, Duckford Branch, Richardson Branch, Little Poplar Creek, Big Poplar Creek, Chapel Branch, Webbs Creek, Mill Creek, Eutaw Creek, Savana Branch, Cantey Bay , Oyster Bay, Monkey Bay, the Halfway Swamp Creek watershed, the Jacks Creek watershed, the Tawcaw Creek watershed, and the Potato Creek watershed. See Rivers of South Carolina.

These rivers and waterways make Lake Marion a glorious place for fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and more.

* Also, check out the Summerton SC: Nature & Outdoor Recreation web site.

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