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Brief History of the Wilson & Summerton Railroad

The Wilson & Summerton Railroad (W&S) Railroad was first chartered by the South Carolina General Assembly in 1888.

The railroad line was built by Thomas Wilson and started at Millard Junction, just to the west of Summerton, where it connected to the Charleston, Sumter & Northern Railroad (CS&N). It ran 16.5 miles to Wilsons Mill, just to the east of Manning, where it connected to the Central Railroad of South Carolina.

The W&S began operations on September 10, 1889. Towns along the line between Wilson's Mill and Millard's Junction included Wilson, Bloomville, Jordan, Davis Station, and Summerton. The primary purpose of the W&S Railroad was to bring lumber to Wilson's Mill.

In 1890, the Eutawville_Railroad changed its name to the Charleston, Sumter & Northern Railroad. In October 1894, the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad bought the Charleston, Sumter & Northern Railroad and it was renamed the Charleston & Northern Railroad. In 1895, property, franchises, and rights of the Charleston & Northern were sold, and a good portion of the line was acquired by the Wilson & Summerton (W&S) Railroad.

In 1899, the W&S Railroad was merged with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and became the Northwestern Railroad of South Carolina and Thomas Wilson became its president. The railroad line ran all the way from the town of Camden to Wilson's Mill, a distance of more than 61 miles. It remained in business until the mid-1930s when it folded due to competition from the growing trucking industry.

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