Sunday, January 3, 2016

Next Generation 'Smart' Guns are Almost Here

I don't know about you, but I'm in the market for a 'smart' gun. Forget the anti-gun nuts, I need one – even though I'm not quit sure what a 'smart' firearm is exactly. So I just did a little research online.

When I checked Wikipedia, it defined a 'smart' gun as a firearm that includes a safety feature that allow it to fire only when activated by an authorized user. These safety features can prevent misuse, accidental shootings, gun thefts, use of the weapon against the owner, and self-harm. It does this by using RFID chips and/or biometric fingerprint recognition technology.

However, I think Wikipedia's definition is way too limited. It represents the 1st generation of crude 'smart' gun technology. I want a 'smart' gun that is so much more. Don't you? I don't just want a gun with a chip that simply unlocks the gun. I want a gun with some real sophisticated state-of-the-art 'smart technology'. Imagine a 'smart' weapon that includes:

  • A precision tracking system that lets you lock on to a target 1000 feet away with a 'smart' scope and then fires a 'smart' bullet that goes around any obstacle and always scores a hit.
  • A capability to detect nearby targets and uses video technology to identify the target, its height, weight, and potential threat level.
  • A bluetooth interface to your 'smart' phone and/or 'smart' watch that lets you communicate with your nearby hunting party, in addition to using GPS to identify their positions.
  • A capability to operate and be fired remotely, in case a target is detected while you are temporarily preoccupied getting a drink, eating, relieving yourself…

Of course, the 'smart' weapon will also need to have long lasting batteries to power the chips, maybe have a solar power capability, a camera and hard drive to capture your adventure, a small playback screen, a direct interface to the Internet… and what about anti-virus and hacking protection just in case… and an ability to track multiple targets, a capability to fire laser energy bolts. I wonder if the energy bolt could also cook a small target, e.g. bird, squirrel...?

According to an NBC News story, the U.S. Military is already testing TrackingPoint's 'smart rifles'. Unfortunately, these 'smart' rifles currently cost more than $10,000. See TrackingPoint's 'Smart' Precision Tracking Weapon on YouTube.

By now it should be obvious I'm not a hunter or weapons expert and don't really know what I'm talking about – except I do know technology and I'm sure the next generations of 'smart' weapons will contain many of these features.

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  1. Future 'smart' rifles might take away from the fun of hunting for many sportsmen, but you can always use your bow or trusty old 'dumb' rifle.