Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lake Marion Artisan's Members Update - August 2017

 Lake Marion Artisan's Membership  Drive Begins

Over the past year, we have had people ask us to make changes to our Membership requirements. Some of you wanted to be involved but could not manage a Primary Membership because you are employed full time or have limited free time to work at the Gallery or attend all functions.  We listened, and now offer the following levels of membership:

Primary Membership
Agrees to help maintain Gallery hours as needed each month, to serve on at least one committee and may display and sell own creations with donation for services to Gallery of 20% of sales.              Individual - $30   Family - $50

Student Membership
May exhibit and sell work if student assists in the Gallery. Is not required to sit, attend meetings or serve on a committee.       Student - $15
Patron Member
Silver Patron - Makes an annual donation of $50 or more. Wants to support the arts in the community.  Does not display or sell creations.
Gold Patron – Makes an annual donation of $100 or more. Is not required to maintain Gallery hours, but may exhibit and sell creations.

Honorary Member
Has promoted the Guild or art in the community in an exemplary manner, is invited to be an Honorary member and accepted. Exempt from annual membership dues and participates as desired at the Primary Membership Level.

The Membership Application Form is available at the Art Gallery on Main Street in downtown Summerton, SC. Come join the fun!

Our Summerton Health Fair Was Very Successful!

Our very first Summerton Health Fair was successful beyond what we even hoped for. We had over 100 adults and children who attended the event. Over 20 organizations, with 40 exhibitors attending, gave out health information and services. Wal-Mart Vision Center gave free vision screening, Hope Health provided free screenings for blood pressure, diabetes and BMI. They also provided cholesterol testing for $5. Because of the wonderful donors below, we were able to provide that test for free to attendees who wanted screening. Please thank them by supporting their businesses when possible.
  • Short Trip Convenience Stores Corporate Office
  • Bank of Clarendon
  • First Citizens Bank of Summerton
  • Agape Hospice
  • Clarendon Women’s Shelter
  • Several Private Individuals
 We would also like to thank the Women’s Organization from St. Mathias Episcopal Church, who provided us with muffins to give to the folks who fasted before the cholesterol test, and Clarendon One School District for providing us with the function space and for lunches for the exhibitors. We were overwhelmed with the generosity and participation from members of this community.

Don’t Forget Our Book Exchange

We have lots of titles, with fiction and non-fiction represented. We also have a lot of cookbooks. So come by the Art Gallery, pick up a book, read it at your leisure and then bring it back so someone else can read it. We really appreciate those who have donated books. However, we could really use some children and young adult titles.

Check Us Out Online!

A year ago, our only means of communicating quickly with interested patrons was our Facebook page, found here: Gallery Facebook page link. Now, thanks to Peter Groen, one of our members, tech guru, and all around promotions expert, we also have:
This wonderful technology helps us to stay in touch with fellow artists and art lovers.

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