Monday, December 15, 2014

What Ever Happened to the Cantey Bay Plantation Development Plans

What ever happened to all the 'big' talk related to The Beach Company and its plans to acquire and develop the Cantey Bay Plantation and the Summerton Commerce Village in Clarendon County, S.C.

I kept hearing about this and saw numerous news items about it, but... Does anybody have the latest 'true' scoop on what has happened? To be more specific -

There were some big headlines a few years ago about Beach Company plans for Cantey Bay Plantation outside Summerton, S.C. - See Beach nearly done with Cantey Bay planning - Post and Courier

However, when I recently searched for more information on the Internet, what I found was the following ad by The Beach Company plans to sell all the property they had bought. See Cantey Bay Plantation

Some other articles I found on the topic include:

Again, does anybody have the latest 'true' scoop or truth on what has happened? This has major implications for everyone living in Summerton and Clarendon County.

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  1. They are smart business folks. The sad truth is they do not see a ROI that now justifies the development. They would rather sell it than invest nore capital. Ouch! As a person that loves that hurts.