Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Summerton 'Open' Phone Book

Duke Computer Concepts and COSITech.Net have partnered in creating the Summerton 'Open' Phone Book. This is a free web site listing contact information for key Local Businesses, Government Organizations, and Non-Profit Organizations in and around the town of Summerton, South Carolina - with an emphasis on those that already have some form of presence on the Internet.

They decided to build this local web site because some of the online national Yellow Pages, Yellow Book, and the FTC web sites often gloss over local Summerton businesses on their sites -  unless you pay them a fee. In fact, often these sites point to businesses outside the local area, actually guiding visitors away from the town of Summerton, S.C. The creation of the Summerton 'Open' Phone Book is an attempt to rectify this situation.

Take a moment to look at the new web site and let us know what you think. Check out the links to the slowly growing number of web sites or social media pages of local businesses and organizations in Summerton. You might like what you see and decide your organization need to also have an online web site.

If you would like to add your local business or organization to the Summerton 'Open' Phone Book, just send an email to either:

It's time for all local businesses and organizations in Summerton to embrace the Internet. Adding your name, address, and link to your web site in the phone book is free. If you need help creating a web site or setting up a Facebook social media page, just go online and ask one of the business owners who have already done this, or contact Rick Dukes of Duke Computer Concepts (DCC).

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