Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Editorial - Reporting from the North Shore

Editorial: The free, online Summerton SC: Weekly News Roundup is normally put together by the editor from the comfort of one of the luxurious North Shore Villas on beautiful Lake Marion, just outside the town of Summerton, S.C. However, this week's edition comes to you from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Surprisingly, renting a beach front home outside Haleiwa Town on the North Shore for a month costs less than renting a similar beach front house on the Carolina coast for one week during the summer. As a result, a number of close friends from Summerton have been gathering together in Hawaii for the past 4-5 years to escape the coldest months of winter.

Before heading off to Hawaii, Rick Duke, CEO of Summerton based Duke Computer Concepts, was kind enough to teach the editor of the Summerton Weekly News how easy it was to use computer software to create a YouTube video.

In gratitude to Rick Duke for his assistance, the following is a link to a short YouTube video clip about surfing on the North Shore of Hawaii – filmed from the backyard of the editor's beach front rental home. Check out the Chun's Reef Surfing Video. We hope you enjoy it.

Upon our return, we are looking forward to seeing staff at the Summerton Weekly News and Duke Computer Concepts partnering on the development of new web sites and short 'marketing' videos for potential customers in the town of Summerton and nearby communities around Lake Marion. We also hope to find and train student interns to assist in these efforts as we try to establish and build the much needed information technology (IT) business capabilities and infrastructure in the area.

BTW – did you see the following tweet from from Hawaii from the Summerton Weekly News on their Twitter social media site.

On the North Shore of Oahu. Waves are 30-40 feet. Surf to build thru the rest of the week. The 'Eddie' may happen http://quiksilver.com/surf/events/eddie-aikau/ …

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