Monday, February 23, 2015

Attracting a Major Grocery Store to Summerton

Editorial: With the closing of the local Piggly Wiggly, the town of Summerton finds itself without a grocery store – a must for any decent size town that expects to attract new residents.
While the town struggles to find a solution, the following has been suggested. If you go to Santee or Manning to purchase groceries, if possible consider purchasing from the IGA store. While there, ask to speak to the manager – not a cashier. Let the store manager you are from Summerton and that it would be a perfect spot for an IGA store.
Also, Sam Patel and his family have moved into a home on Tennis Lane. Sam has added many items to his Lakeside Market to help out with your local grocery shopping needs . He has added more frozen and dairy items, plus some meats. This summer he plans on having some local produce. Please support them as much as you can. Shopping there can keep you from having to travel many miles to a major grocery store in another town. They will also tell you if they have a certain item if you call Lakeside Market at 803-478-3399.
In the meantime, any other constructive ideas or actions to bring a grocery store, like IGA or Aldi, back into Summerton should be shared with the mayor and town council.

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