Friday, September 11, 2015

Web Sites and Community Information

The town of Summerton S.C. has continued to refine its new web site. Summerton based information technology (IT) organizations, Duke Computer Concepts (DCC) and COSITech.Net, have partnered with the town in redesigning and updating its old website - at no cost to the town. They have also been busy creating a variety of other web sites about Summerton and the surrounding area that might be of interest to visitors and residents.

Please take a few minutes to look over the new town web site and let us know what you think. Both DCC and COSITech will continue to work with the town to further enhance and maintain the web site and hope other businesses and community organizations are interested in going online - a necessity as we move deeper into the 'Information Age'.

Check out some of the following pages and key functionality on the new town web site:

  • Home Page - In addition to providing visitors with a brief introduction to Summerton, the home page also contains a quick Video Tour of historic Summerton.
  • About - In addition to providing a brief history of Summerton, a link is provided to the much more detailed Historic Summerton web site.
  • Staff Directory - This page provides contact information to key local government offices and individuals.
  • Council - This page provides the names and available email addresses of the Mayor and other members of the Town Council, including the agenda and minutes for town council meetings.
  • Ordinances - Links to key town ordinances are posted on this page, including the zoning map for the town.
  • Printable Forms - Includes access to forms related to licenses, permits, zoning, jury duty, and more.
  • Payments - Provides instructions and online systems for submitting payments for Traffic Tickets and Summerton Water & Sewer. It also includes a link to the Public Works Department web pages.
  • Police - Providing online access to information and services offered by the Summerton Police, Clarendon County Sheriff's Department, SC Highway Patrol, and the DMV.
  • Events -  A list of major upcoming events in Summerton, nearby communities, and across the state.
  • Links - Provides key links to web sites for local government agencies, businesses, and non-government organizations (NGO) in Summerton and the surrounding area. 
Over the coming year new functionality and content will be slowly added to the town of Summerton's new web site, e.g. plans, local laws, and more.  

Other web sites providing information about Summerton and the surrounding area developed by DCC and COSITech.Net include the online Summerton Weekly News Roundup, Historic Summerton, Summerton Nature & Outdoor Recreation, Summerton 'Open' Phone Book, Summerton 'Open' Technology, and a number of web sites for local businesses and non-profit organizations. Check them out!
Please send your constructive comments and suggestions on improving the site to the mayor of Summerton, Mac Bagnal, at   You can also contact Rick Duke, CEO of Summerton based Duke Computer Concepts (DCC) at or Peter Groen, CEO of COSITech.Net  at

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