Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Faith Filled Democrats

During the late 1900s, Democrats ceded the high ground amongst religious voters to the Republican Party. However, that has been steadily changing since the start of the 21st century as Democrats emerged as the party championing healthcare for all Americans, protecting Social Security and Medicare, equal rights for women, equal rights for gays, fair pay for the middle class, a living wage for the poor working class, finding a solution to the immigrant issue, addressing climate change and responsible stewardship of our planet, and so much more.

Meanwhile, Republicans have been trying to kill the Affordable Healthcare Act, cut Medicare, privatize or do away with Social Security, are aggressively fighting against gay rights, women's rights, want to wall off Mexico and Canada from the US, deport hispanic immigrants, keep wages low, reduce taxes on major corporations, keep drilling and using dirty fossil fuels, attack alternative energy solutions, continue to ignore climate change, want to get us more involved in wars across the Middle East, have told the Pope to keep quiet about the environment and world affairs, have failed to reign in spending despite controlling both houses of Congress, ... The contrast between the two parties is really amazing.

It is slowly dawning on many voters that Democrats seem to be more concerned about traditional Christian values, issues and behaviour than the Republican Party. Take the time to learn more about the growing movement of 'Faithful Democrats'. You might want to check out the following web sites:

For links to Clarendon County, South Carolina, and the US Democratic Party, go to the Clarendon County Democrats web site.

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