Thursday, October 1, 2015

Major Differences Between Democrats and Republicans

Every so often, we need to revisit the following question -  “What are the major differences between the Republicans and Democrats?”  As we head into the 2016 national elections in the US, each of us ought to take a few minutes to revisit this question once again.

While Republican and Democrats have much in common, there are many differences between the two groups that primarily revolve around 'How' they choose to move the country forward and continue to keep America to be a world leader.

Take a few minutes to read some of the following articles and see where the two groups agree and where they differ:

If you took the time to scan each of the articles above, you will notice that there are many small differences in interpretation by each of these authors. The same would hold true if we were to talk to almost any group of people in the country. The differences occur because the definition of what a Democrat or Republican believes is constantly changing over time.

Get to know what the individual candidates and political parties currently believe before you cast your vote. Remember, even national elections can be won by a small handful of votes, as witnessed by the Presidential Elections of 2000 between Al Gore and George Bush.  

* Check out the links to the political parties, their platform, and other key information on the web site called America's Future: 2020-2050.

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