Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Editorial: Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are Right

Editorial: Voters in the 2016 election are have been energized by both Sen. Bernie Sanders and businessman Donald Trump. Many issues and ideas being pushed by both candidates make a lot of sense.

On the left, voters are attracted by Senator Sanders' attacks against the growing inequality of wages and wealth in our country. It's a no-brainer. It's obvious that the emergence of the wealthy class composed of 1% of the population owning more than the other 90+% of the population does not square with the 'American Dream' and the people's vision for our country.

On the right, Donald Trump's position against unchecked immigration of refugees at this time from self-destructing regions of the Islamic world makes reasonable sense, e.g. Syria, Iraq. Especially in light of the never ending stream of terrorist attacks around the world by Islamic extremists.

Some of the other interesting issues and ideas raise by these candidates that resonate with voters include:

  • Providing some form of free college education for our citizens to help create a more educated and competitive workforce.
  • Further improving border controls to further reduce the flow of illegal immigrants into the country.
  • Providing some form of healthcare to all Americans that is acceptable to both parties by incrementally modifying existing laws.
  • Maintaining a strong military, while exercising restraint in using it whenever any crisis breaks out around the world.
  • Continue to move the country towards energy independence by further encouraging job producing alternative clean energy industries, e.g. wind, solar, nuclear.
  • Ensure all entities pay their fair share of taxes, including large US corporations that take unfair advantage of every loophole available to avoid paying taxes.
  • Implement laws to help stop the 'off-shoring' or outsourcing US companies and jobs to other countries.

There are a lot of other good ideas coming out from both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump's campaigns. Whoever finally wins the election needs to pick the best ideas from these two competing campaigns that have energized the American people, then get to work ensuring our country remains a strong, shining example to the rest of the world.

It's not about citizens strictly aligning behind the Democratic or Republican Party – its about doing what's right for America. What we shouldn't do is keep going down the divisive road we are currently on. We can do better.

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