Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Future: Selection of Specific Technology Predictions for 2030

What new technologies are coming down the road? The following is a brief selection of fairly specific new technologies that will be widely deployed and used by 2030. These predictions were extracted from multiple reports and studies by groups around the world.

  • There will be another 1,000-fold increase in computer power, storage, data transmission rates...
  • Telecommuting workforce across the U.S. and around the world will continue to grow.
  • New materials for housing, clothing, technology ... will be developed and used, e.g. carbon nano-tubes.
  • More cost-competitive private, online schools and universities will dominate the landscape, i.e. MOOCs.
  • Free and open access to much of the world's digitized information will be available to almost everyone.
  • Widespread deployment of a range of renewable energy technologies, e.g. wind, solar, fuel cell...
  • New financial systems, economic development, business models and tools will have emerged, e.g. Blockchain, Micro-financing, Electronic Wallets.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) will be used on farms everywhere.
  • Language translation technology will improve global business and communications.
  • Extensive use of smart 3D Printers by industries and consumers.
  • Widespread use of drone technology by many industries, e.g. agriculture, military, transportation...
  • A wide range of mobile 'wearable' technologies will be available.
  • Implantable technologies will start to gain acceptance in healthcare, military...
  • Trillions of 'Internet of Things (IoT)' and Smart Appliances will be deployed and interconnected.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Analytics will play a dominant role in every business.
  • Robots will become a common feature in homes and workplaces around the world.
  • Hybrid electric cars will largely dominate the automobile industry by 2030.
  • Light-duty hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles will also be widely available.
  • Use of Hi-tech, autonomous self-driving vehicles on the road will become ubiquitous.
  • High-speed rail system between most major cities across the U.S. and around the world.
  • Maglev trains and HyperLoop technology will augment many existing transportation systems.
  • Rise of 'Regenerative Medicine', Genetic Engineering, Stem Cell Research, and the development of 'Human Augmentation' technologies will dramatically alter people's life spans and capabilities.
  • 3D-printed human organs will be available for many medical patients.
  • LED technology will dominate the lighting industry.
  • 5G Wireless standard and systems will be fully deployed and used across the globe.
  • Ultra High Definition Television (4320p) will be widely used in most homes.
  • Holographic TV will begin to enter the marketplace.
  • NASA's Quiet 'Supersonic Aviation' systems will enter the marketplace.
  • Mind control interface to computer technology will begin to spread and be used.
  • Wireless electricity systems will be widely used.
  • Small modular nuclear reactors will see widespread adoption.
  • Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system will be fully operational.
  • Spaceflight technology will take a major leap forward allowing for Inter-Planetary travel.

To conclude, the rate of technological change will continue to increase and amaze us. The U.S. and many other countries will rapidly adopt these new technologies as they jockey for a leadership role in the business world of tomorrow. If you are looking for areas to invest in for the future, re-read this blog post carefully.

Share other major predictions about new technologies that you think have a high probability of being developed and widely deployed for use by individuals and organizations by 2030.

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