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Smart Tents and Hi-Tech Camping around Santee Cooper Country

Going camping? Next time, think about visiting the Santee Cooper Lake Country in South Carolina. If you are not traveling in a Recreational Vehicle (RV), you might want to bring along a ‘smart’ tent and some of the following hi-tech camping gear.

Those of you who have read my previous posts on ‘Smart’ Fishing Rods, ‘Smart’ Kayaks, ‘Smart’ Guns, and ‘Smart’ Hiking Sticks - you know I really don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m just not a big outdoorsman and don’t really like to fish, hunt, hike, or paddle around in a kayak. I much prefer to stay at home and read about these topics or watch YouTube videos about them.

That aside, I do try to carefully research the topic I’ve chosen to write about – and then add my two cents on the subject. In this case, I decided to look into the topic of ‘Smart’ Tents and other hi-tech camping accessories in case I ever decided to skip staying at the Embassy Suites and go camping instead.

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity in which participants, or campers, spend a number of days outdoors in order to better enjoy nature. Camping generally involves the use of a tent, campsite, motor-home, or cabin - although many campers simply enjoy sleeping out in the open air.

Selected Articles on Hi-Tech Camping

The following are a selection of recent articles about ‘Smart’ Camping and Hi-Tech Camping Accessories:
  • I started my research by reading Smart Camping Tent Reviews Ratings Of Major Tent Brands rating major tent brands, but found little resembling what I would call a ‘Smart’ Tent. 
  • Engadget went a little further with their article on 6 tents that take technology off-grid. It touched briefly on tents of the future that set up in a snap, protect campers from lightning strikes and incorporate solar panels so you can keep your cellphone and lights charged. But there wasn’t much detail provided.  
  • The Best New Tents and Camping Equipment described the latest pump-up and self-erecting tents. Interesting but not what I would really call a ‘Smart’ Tent. However, the article did mention a number of really interesting camping accessories, like the Kraku light-weight stove which is about the size of a AA battery.

Other selected articles you might want to check out on hi-tech camping include:

Conclusions & Observations

Bottom line, I was fairly disappointed in my search for information about ‘Smart’ Tents and camping accessories. I had expected to find more significant advances in the development of ‘smart’ camping tents, e.g. built-in solar panels, tent materials functioning as an antenna and/or LAN, velcro attachments to connect various ‘smart’ devices... However, there are quite a few interesting hi-tech camping accessories now available.

Nevertheless, I did stumble across the next step in high-tech camping – it’s called ‘glamping’. Not being a big camping enthusiast, I found this kind of interesting. For an example of glamping, check out the following article - Ecocapsule Provides A Hub Away From Home. If I’m going camping this is more up my alley, although a nice RV or motor-home with air-conditioning, heating, TV, refrigerator, dishwasher, and Internet service would also suffice.

Before you do go on your next camping trip, take the time to read my previous articles on ‘Smart’ Fishing Pole, ‘Smart’ Guns, ‘Smart’ Kayaks, ‘Smart’ Hiking Stick… not to mention taking along a drone for fishing.

Finally - Let me wrap this up with another quick plug for Santee Cooper Lake Country. If you decide to visit the area, you will find many places to set up camp along the shores of Lakes Marion and Moultrie. These include several great federal and state parks, as well as numerous commercial lakeside campgrounds. For example, check out the following campgrounds near the towns of Santee and Summerton, S.C.

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