Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Free Online Systems for Healthcare Consumers in South Carolina

Need to enroll in Medicare or Medicaid? A family member has cancer? Looking for a good, affordable hospital near you? Looking up treatment for a particular disease?

Healthcare consumers today ought to be taking advantage of the many free, online health information web sites and tools that are now available. Unfortunately, many people still don't know what online resources are available.

What are some of the best free and online health information web sites that you ought to consider checking out? The following list consists of just a few selected federal, state, and non-government web sites that you might find useful:

South Carolina Health Information Web Sites

Federal Government Health Information Web Sites

Non-Government Organization (NGO) Web Sites

If you have another favourite free and online Health Information web site you would like to recommend, please share the link with our readers.

* Also, check out the Summerton SC: 'Open' Technology web site.

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