Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Next Generation 'Smart' Technology Kayaks

The other day as I was sitting on the shore looking at beautiful Lake Marion near Summerton, S.C., and a light-bulb went off. I had come up with another brilliant idea - a 'smart' technology kayak. A quick search of the Internet, however, found that others had already started following that same train of thought and work is well underway on a variety of components that will eventually be integrated into the 'smart' kayak of the future.

For example, 'smart' technologies slowly being integrated into today's kayaks or canoes already include:

After reading about these current examples of 1st generation 'smart' technology for kayaks and canoes, I started looking ahead to next generation solutions. For example, I can see the many new potential enhancements people are going to come up with in the coming years for their kayaks such as:
  • Imagine your next generation solar powered kayak that drives a complete array of 'smart' devices, e.g. electric motor, GPS, depth finder, etc.
  • Imagine your next generation portable 3D-printed kayak made of ultra-lightweight nano-carbon materials. Easily powered by 'smart' paddles, pedals, sails, or solar powered electric motors.
  • Imagine a hi-tech console that integrates, analyzes, and displays information from all your on-board 'smart' devices, including a computer and entertainment system with wi-fi, satellite, bluetooth ...
  • Imagine riding in your next generation autonomous driven kayak that will take you safely where you want to go on long trips.
  • Imagine if your 'Smart' Kayak could send you a text message or call you on your phone while you were back in your home or at your campsite getting ready for your next kayaking adventure.
  • Imagine using your 'smart' watch interfaced via wi-fi or bluetooth technology so you can control your kayak via your next generation wearable systems.
  • Imagine using your 'smart' fishing rod to ...

Many of these features are already showing up in the latest kayaks now in showrooms. See

By now it should be obvious I'm not exactly an avid, experienced kayaker and may not really know what I'm talking about. But for those who are, think about what you would want your 'smart' kayak or canoe to do for you in the future and share your thoughts with our readers. The possibilities are almost endless once you start thinking it through.

Hobie Kayak

For more information on 'smart' technologies for kayaks and canoes, see the following YouTube videos:

* When planning your next kayak or canoe outing, think about coming to Lake Marion in South Carolina. For more detail, visit the Summerton SC: Nature & Outdoor Recreation web site.

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