Wednesday, July 29, 2015

'Open' Government Software Tools and Web Sites for South Carolina

Think of all the things state and local governments do today. They collect water bills, run public libraries, manage court systems, operate police department, field emergency response teams, provide public health services, fix roads, and so much more.

Collaborative development efforts to create innovative, free and 'open source' software (FOSS) tools, applications, and other solutions for use by governments at all levels are well underway. These innovative 'Open Government' solutions are being released under one or more open source license arrangements that allow both public and private institutions to acquire and use these tools at little or no cost. This has tremendous potential consequences for government organizations around the world that face funding challenges.

The following are just a few selected 'Open' Government web sites, software tools, and mobile apps South Carolina officials and citizens should seriously consider exploring:

'OpenGov' Web Sites

'OpenGov' Software

Generic 'Open Source' Software & Tools

Mobile Apps

* Other potential free and open source software solutions (FOSS) for state and local governments to use can be found on COSI Open Education, COSI Open Health, and other COSI Open Solutions web sites. You might also want to check out TED Talks: On Innovation & the Power of Cities

If you have other 'Open' Government web sites or software tools you would recommend, please share the links to them with our readers.

* Check out the Summerton SC: 'Open' Technology web site.

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